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Gavin Walton is the current pastor of Grace Memorial Presbyterian Church. He is a graduate of Duquesne University (B.A., 2013) and the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary (MDiv, 2016). Ordained in 2017, Pastor Gavin urges the church continually to stay involved with what the Lord Jesus is doing in the community.

Gavin grew up in the Stanton Heights section of Pittsburgh.  He was raised in the Roman Catholic Church, and for a time, was a member of the Pentecostal Church. In college, he found his way to the Presbyterian Church, becoming a member of Shadyside Presbyterian Church in 2010. Shortly after graduating from seminary, he landed at Grace Memorial Presbyterian Church as a summer community minister. Since then, he has become a fixture in the church working with younger members, building a community ministry, and lending his expertise to a host of church committees.

Rev. Gavin B. J. Walton


Church Council (Session)

Elder Gwen Brunasky

Elder Mary Evans

Elder Michelle Hardeman

Elder Joyce Matthews

Elder Angela McCoy

Elder Michelle Penn-Nored

Elder Stephanie Simmons

Elder Eric Smith

Elder Brooke Spencer

Board of Deacons

Deacon Dennis Bowles

Deacon Sylvia Bowles

Deacon Lamont Chatman

Deacon Karen Hill

Deacon Joreal Kennedy

Deacon Rodney McCoy

Deacon Lillian Simmons

Deacon Derment Winston

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