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Grace Memorial Presbyterian Church

Our mission is to win souls for Christ by proclaiming the gospel in word and deed.


We believe God has called us to reach the unchurched of our city by providing caring structures for families, diversity in worship, small caring groups, and knowledge of spiritual gifts. Through these structures, we will develop an intergenerational ministry that will win souls for Christ by proclaiming the gospel in word and deed.  We will invite, nurture, teach, and disciple those who unite with us in order to make other disciples… (Mt. 28:19).


Grace Church is diverse and our doors are open to all. We are one Christ and one community.  You are welcome in this place! We hope that you will visit us soon and see the wondrous works He has done. At Grace, we are a small church with big arms and an open heart.

Serve (Ministries and Committees)


Building & Grounds

Building & Grounds oversees all activities associated with the operation, maintenance, safety, and security of all buildings, grounds, furnishings and equipment owned by the church. It continually seeks out ways to faithfully steward the church’s property in service to the mission of God in the local community.



Communications is a ministry dedicated to facilitating the exchange of accurate information among the church family and community. This group keeps the congregation informed by publishing events in a timely manner and utilizing all means of technology to improve the flow of information.



The Church Council (also referred to as the “Session”) is responsible for the overall spiritual and material welfare of the congregation in keeping with the powers assigned by the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (USA). The Pastor is Moderator of the Church Council and together with the active elders, this body is responsible for the administrative, governmental, legal, and ecclesiastical affairs of the congregation to the glory of God as revealed in Jesus Christ. The clerk of Council serves as secretary for all meetings of the congregation.



The ministry of Deacons as set forth in Scripture is one of compassion, witness, and service, sharing in the redeeming love of Jesus Christ for the poor, the hungry, the sick, the lost, the friendless, the oppressed, those burdened by unjust policies or structures, or anyone in distress. The Deacons’ ministry is under the supervision and authority of the Church Council. Deacons may also be given special assignments in the congregation, such as caring for members in need, handling educational tasks, cultivating liberality in giving, and collecting and disbursing monies to specific persons or causes. Deacons shall assume other duties as may be delegated to them by the Council.



The Finance Committee oversees the fiscal affairs of the church on behalf of the Council. This ministry is entrusted with the faithful care and use of all church funds, accounts, and expenditures in keeping with the best accounting practices. Finance is responsible to the Council, which elects a treasurer to server as this ministry’s chair. Under the direction of the Council, Finance shares all fiscal matters with the congregation for clarity and transparency in promoting the mission of Christ at Grace Memorial.



Hospitality helps our guests feel the love of God by welcoming them into God’s space with friendly and authentically gracious service. This ministry constantly seeks new ways to exemplify God’s kindness to the community and lead the congregation according to Christ-like hospitality.


Music and Worship

Music and Worship promotes the regular, corporate worship of God at Grace Memorial. This ministry prepares worshippers for an encounter with God in worship and works to support the praise of God through liturgy and song.



Personnel advises the Council regarding the implementation of the best policies and protocols to ensure fairness, equity, and the wellbeing of all persons in the employ of the congregation. This ministry assists Council in identifying the best people to help the congregation live out the mission of Christ in its community.



Stewardship identifies the ways in which believers can maximize all of God’s gifts – material goods, personal abilities, time, etc. – to reflect a faithful response to God’s self-giving call to share with others in the world. This ministry shows the congregation how to live into God’s calling and be transformed into people of Christ-like generosity.

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